Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Finish Line

I haven't talked much about "THE RACE". 
It was a great experience to say the least. 
The atomosphere. 
The excitement. 
The weather. 
It was all perfect. 

I hadn't trained for about two and a half weeks before the race due to that freaking knee injury - so the place was to go into this walk/running and having a great time. 

I ran with two of my cousins - who are in great shape and could run an 8k in their sleep... but they stuck with me, walked when I needed to walk and pushed me when I said I was going to crawl across the finish line. 

(My cousin had so much energy that she was "prancercizing" across the finish line. My fingers pracercized but the rest of me... just barely made it. 

Here is the finishing sequence of pictures that my awesome photographer cousin took. 

I am a sucker for punishment and I will definitely be doing it again!!


  1. YAYAYAYAYAY!! i LOVE the pics!! congrats on the run; you did awesome. Mudder in June with me? yes?

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I absolutely love that you have some of your own photos from the race! You were absolutely rockin' it!


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