Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Mumbles

You bet your booty I am back blogging. 
Can't keep me away for that long. 

-- It has taken me three weeks to adjust to full-time working business - but I am LOVING the new job and LOVING the new adventure that I am on. I think I have finally found my niche and I believe that there are some really cool adventures to come. I'm in a place where the opportunities are endless and I am working with some very cool people who are recognizing my passion. That has never happened - and wow is it ever fulfilling. 

-- It's almost the end of October. HOW. THE. HELL. DID. THAT. HAPPEN??? 
Kids are all prepped for Halloween (this is the earliest that this has EVER happened! Go me.) And I have even been thinking about Christmas shopping! (I know. Shut my mouth already!) 

--I've been searching for another race to do! Yup. I am addicted. 
I'm thinking I will train through the winter and then run a spring race though (it's getting too cold to run a race at 7 a.m.!) AND next October - my goal is to run the half marathon. EEK!

-- Speaking of running. I think my knee is fully recovered. So now I just have to figure out where I'm going to squeeze training in. I LOVE MY SLEEP WAY TOO MUCH. But I think that's what's going to have to be interrupted first. 

As you can see - life isn't all that exciting. 
But I'm here. 
And alive. 
And I just have to figure out how to get some blog READING into the mix and I will be good to go!! 
Hope all is well my blogging friends!


  1. i'm glad your knee is better! now mine is acting up BOOOOOO!

    i was wondering where you went but glad that things are going great at the new job. congrats!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Yay for a feeling-good knee! Russ & I are thinking we'll sign up for a half marathon for sometime next Fall - but I need to get back to it. Since our race I've been doing pretty much nothing - ok, some stuff, but definitely not running!
    So happy you have found a job you love - and that loves you, too! I know how good it can feel when that happens :)


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